As any red member—such as myself—knows, Chick-fil-A has been cooking some phenomenal chicken sandwiches since 1964. But before then, people across the U.S. visited Truett Cathy's original Dwarf Grill (or Dwarf House now) for delicious meals that became the Chick-fil-A we all know and love today. This is just one of several unique restaurants you can drive down and visit. 

If you have ever wanted to experience Chick-fil-A beyond the traditional restaurants, the chain offers some unique experiences close to their headquarters and original restaurant in Georgia.

1. Truett's Luau

Greeted with tikis and ukuleles, customers are transported to an island paradise. This Hawaiian themed Chick-fil-A brings a spin to the traditional offerings with its specialty menu items, such as their frozen pineapple drink, sweet potato fries, and I'a Makana Tacos. Whether you're looking for Southern comfort or a taste of the Tropics, Truett's Luau has the best of both worlds! 

2. Truett's Grill

For a nostalgic diner feel, Truett's Grill is the place to be! Be transported back to the 1950s, as you indulge in comforting classics like sweet potato soufflé and Cole Slaw. Lovers of automobiles and innovation flock to this fun location, with pictures of vehicles hung on the walls and a model train that runs through the restaurant.   

3. Hapeville Dwarf House

For a true Chick-fil-A fan who wants to see where it all began, this is the restaurant that was founded by Cathy in 1946. It was also the birthplace of the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich in 1964. While visiting this unique spot, you can try menu originals even including hamburgers. The spot is open 24 hours a day and six days a week (closed on Sundays, of course!).

4.  Truett's Chick-fil-A

As a tribute to Truett Cathy, this beautiful diner-style restaurant offers sit down, counter, and drive-through services at its three locations in Rome, Newman, and Stockbridge, Georgia. This restaurant honors the founder with quotes, family pictures, and heirlooms on the wall which help every customer to gain an understanding of the incredible legacy left behind by the founder of Chick-fil-A. These restaurants that opened in 2017 also have a speciality menu that contains the likes of loaded waffle fries, battered pickles, and more.  

5. The Dwarf House

As an ode to the original Dwarf House restaurant in the Atlanta region, these replicas contain special menu items that will keep you coming back. Once overseen by Cathy in the late 1980s and early 1990s, these unique restaurants bring items such as Cole Slaw and the Chicken Salad Sandwich.

If you are looking for a unique and COVID-friendly road trip, look no further! Here is one to plan soon for all Chick-fil-A lovers!