We all have an apple corer or various other kitchen tools that simplify our life. However, there are so many other useful tools out there that can help make you a chef in no time. Make sure you buy these tools if you want to look like a pro.

Dusting Wand

This tool is a bakers best friend. Whether you need to dust flour on the counter before rolling out dough or you need to dust some powdered sugar onto beignets, this tool is perfect. The dusting wand covers the surface perfectly and is much more convenient than using a sifter.

Meat Thawing Tray

As a once a week grocery shopper I often freeze my meats until I need them. Freezing meets can be such a hassle since it takes forever for them to thaw even when you leave them out on the counter. This thawing tray has changed my life. After placing your meat onto the tray, it thaws within the hour just like magic. Make sure you buy this tray if you are always running low on time.

Mini Rice Cooker

For college students it can be hard to find good rice at the dining hall. This mini rice cooker is the perfect fix to all your rice eating needs. Not only does it cook rice but it can also cook various soups and stews. This rice cooker has become a game changer in my dorm cooking lifestyle and you need it if you are a fellow rice lover like me.

8 in 1 Kitchen Tool

This gadget is my favorite tool to use in the kitchen. In college, saving space is everything so this convenient gadget helps to put all your tools in one place. Whether you need to grate some cheese or juice a lemon, this 8 in 1 tool has it all. After buying this tool you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Adjustable Rolling Pin

If you are an avid pie baker then you need this rolling pin. I always find the hardest part of rolling out dough is making sure I get it to the right thickness. This tool lets you adjust the rolling pin based on what thickness of dough you need. Buy this rolling pin if you never want to eat a thick sugar cookie again.

Pineapple Corer

As an enthusiastic pineapple eater, I could not wait to get this tool in the mail. It has made eating a pineapple easier than ever before. Simply insert the tool into the pineapple, twist, and you have perfect pineapple rings for snacking. Be careful though, this tool may further your pineapple eating addiction.