Every time my roommate sees Jennifer Aniston on TV she gasps at how flawless she is, even though she is approaching the big 5-0. It's a widely known fact that Jennifer Aniston looks amazing for her age. So the question is, how does she maintain her Rachel glow, and should you follow suit? 

Jennifer's solution to anti-aging is actually more practical than some of the other treatments celebrities endure, such as Kim Kardashian's vampire facial or the newly popular snail facial that actually involves live snails depositing their goo as they crawl across your face. But Jen has decided to forgo those fads and do her own thing.

How She Gets Her Glow

Ever think about drinking collagen?  It's not as crazy as it sounds, and the concept actually isn't new. Collagen is a protein produced by our body that resides in all kinds of organs including our largest one—our skin. So the decision to drink it seems like a logical step to take if one is seeking some serious anti-aging benefits. Or Jennifer Aniston's glow. 

The brand that Anniston uses is called Vital Proteins. Although most drinkable collagen is sourced from animals, this brand is coming out with a vegetarian-friendly option.

So Do You Actually Drink It Straight?

Drinking collagen straight isn't like drinking a refreshing juice. It has a gritty texture that tastes better if mixed into a smoothie or a flavored drink. If you want to try it for yourself, stir it into some homemade energy bites or even a dip like guacamole or hummus. Might as well get creative.

Remedies for a healthy glow aren't always cheap. It's surprising that the brand Anniston uses isn't astronomically expensive. You can purchase a ten-ounce canister of Vital Proteins collagen for $25. Try to make it last a month in order to see results of a Jennifer Anniston-like glow. Is drinking collagen basically like taking a sip out of the Fountain of Youth? You be the judge.