Over the past four years, Spoon University has disrupted the food scene with Brainfood, a day dedicated to tasting and learning about the future of food. Now, Brainfood is turning five and this year, we're kicking things up a notch. 

On Nov. 10 and 11, we'll be taking over Brooklyn Studios at City Point in New York City. That's right—the annual food extravaganza is now TWO full days of talks, activities, art, and of course, good eats. 

The space will be broken up into two parts: The Commons and Master Sessions.

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Think of The Commons as kind of an adult playground, but specifically for those obsessed with all things food. There will be over 40 food brands dishing out samples, an interactive paint-by-numbers wall, several giant piñatas, Dan Cakes making full-size pancake art of WHATEVER YOU WANT, a Spoon lounge where you can chill and meet food influencers, and much, much more. Prepare to be surprised, and make space on your phone for all the pics you're gonna wanna take

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Master Sessions, on the other hand, is where we get down to business. These are specially curated workshops, panels and keynote speeches from some of the food world's most well-known trailblazers like Andrew Zimmern, Hannah Bronfman, Richard Blais, Melissa Ben Ishay, Lazarus Lynch and more. You can learn how to build your own brand on Insta, how to kickstart your career, and talk about social justice in the food industry.

Check out the full list of speakers here.

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General admission tickets are on sale today for $50-$140, price depending on how involved you want to get. But trust us, you're going to want to be there. So RSVP on Facebook or add it to your iCal or whatever, and come learn about (and taste!) the future of food.

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What: Brainfood 2018

Who: Spoon University, along with speakers Andrew Zimmern, Hannah Bronfman, Richard Blais, Melissa Ben Ishay, and more

Where: Brooklyn Studios @ City Point in New York City

When: Nov. 10 & 11

How: Get tickets here!