It seems like just yesterday we were all dressing up in our worst for White Trash Wednesday and now suddenly our beloved seniors are graduating and finals are ruining weekend plans. Whether you’re stuck cramming in your dorm room, apartment or the library it’s inevitable that you’ll have the urge to splurge on some Insomnia Cookies or split a pizza with your friends because you deserve it, right?

However, once finals are over, there’s no doubt that you’ll regret indulging in all those late night cravings. Grubhub makes sticking to your healthy eating lifestyle easy by delivering delicious meals right to your door. You won’t have to interrupt your studying for a minute, plus maintaining your healthy diet will transfer into some serious brainpower. Check out below how to hack Grubhub’s menu to eat healthy and fresh this #finalsszn. Use the promo code “FSUtasty” to get $7 off of your first order of $15 or more.

1. Muscle Maker Grill


Photo courtesy of @andresaintalbin on Instagram

You can probably tell by the name of this restaurant that they’re all about eating healthy and making gains. Some of their most popular eats include the Big Protein Shake, El Mexicana burrito bowl and the Rocky Balboa meatball wrap. If you’re really craving something sweet, they offer a sugar-free cheesecake for dessert.

2. Soul Vegetarian Restaurant


Photo courtesy of @tallahealthy on Instagram

This restaurant has to be my favorite because of all the different options it has to offer. From their super popular vegan mac and cheese to their yummy black bean burger Soul Veg can do no wrong. They also have fresh fruit smoothies and an array of salads if you’re looking for some lighter fare.

3. Pita Pit


Photo courtesy of @orderupbmore on Instagram

I never knew how many different varieties of pita were possible until I explored Pita Pit’s menu. My personal favorite would have to be the breakfast pitas – specifically the Morning Glory Pita Combo that includes eggs, tomatoes, grilled onions, grilled green peppers, hashbrowns and cheddar cheese. However, this pita is probably not the healthiest choice. I would recommend some of the veggie pitas such as the Spicy Black Bean Pita or the Garden Pita.

As an awesome perk, you can use the promo code “FSUTasty” to get $7 off of your first Grubhub order.