a writer for liquor.com, Spoon University, and POPSUGAR that's based in Brooklyn, New York with her 10-year-old Bengal cat dog named Spock. Liz has received her start in the media world at Spoon and has acquired over 1.6 million views on her articles from the Spoon website while finding her appreciation for consuming and producing branded content. Liz also has her articles syndicated on Business Insider, This Is Insider, MSN, and Teen Vogue in addition to having her most popular article cited by Elite Daily.

When Liz isn't writing, there's an extraordinarily high chance that Liz is either listening to music, walking around aimlessly, cuddling with her cat dog, consuming new food dishes and drinks, at an event, studying for the GMAT, or doing research with LinkedIn. In the past, Liz has also completed research with Instagram and her favorite song at the moment is 'Sugar' by Terror Jr, with her favorite line being 'Goddamn, you're a star.' 

To get in touch with Liz, she can be reached at itslizab@gmail.com, @astrrisk on Instagram, and on LinkedIn.